Titanium Spoons and Fork

In October 2001, we introduced one fork and three spoons made of titanium to the Japanese market, designed specifically for people experiencing difficulties using standard utensils to eat.
Using these products, it is no longer necessary to use a tool to ordinary stainless steel spoons. REVO Titanium Spoons and Fork can easily be shaped by both men and women, but do not bend with normal use.

Customer comments
A 65-year-old customer in Mie Prefecture

"I suffered mild cerebral infarction in December 2003, and I couldn't move the right side of my body well. Because I couldn't use chopsticks, I used a spoon to eat, but the stainless steel spoons that I had at home were too heavy for me to bring food to my mouth. Also, I couldn't open my mouth very wide, so I couldn't put food in my mouth with regular spoons. I tried the REVO Titanium Spoon E (small and shallow). The spoon was very light, and I was able to hold it because the handle could be shaped to fit my fingers. Because the spoon was shallow, I could put food in my mouth. The REVO Titanium Spoon E was also very useful when I had numbness. The spoon was a life saver."

Titanium Fork B

Price: $13.00

Titanium Spoons C

Price: $13.00

Titanium Spoons D

Price: $12.00

The photo on the left shows the side view of the REVO Titanium Spoon E and the REVO Titanium Spoon D.
These two spoons have different depths.
The REVO Titanium Spoon E is designed for people who cannot open their mouth widely.

Titanium Spoons E

Price: $12.00


Q1: Do REVO Titanium Spoons break easily?
A1: REVO Titanium Spoons can withstand being shaped several times. However, they are not designed to be bent each time they are used. Please shape the spoons to suit the needs of each user, and shape them slowly.

Q2: Why are the handles so thin?
A2: Thicker handles make the utensils difficult to use without use of a tool.
If the user finds the handle too thin, the handle can be wrapped by a commercially available sponge to improve grip.