The toothbrush which I made with natural material

A concept

・Sensitivity for environment is high.
・I have feelings toward use material.
・It is ecology of 20-40 generations, a toothbrush of the ecology material that organic, Maine intended for an interesting woman.

A background of development

・Green consumer and chemical Sensitive
・Ecology intention rises, and although the biomass which I do not use oil for comes into the limelight, there is only a head exchange-style type on an eco-toothbrush, and there are few kinds and has few choices of a user.
・Development of the toothbrush which used eco-material from a sensitive customer for chemical substance is urgent business.
・Chemical Sensitive.
If "a seriously ill domestic patient of Chemical Sensitive can include 700,000 people, minority with an adult 1,000,000"; (a national health medical scientific House report, Mainichi Shimbun January 12, 2003)

Do you know Chemical Sensitive?

・With Chemical Sensitive; ‥
・Chemical Sensitive (Chemical Sensitivity=CS) to suffer in response to a microchemistry material of various kinds..... which cannot go to school that there are not work and housework if I become seriously ill is extremely serious "environment disease" that even normal life gets impossible to run.
・In addition, one of a patient cannot reach a dentist to react to antiseptic solution and liquid medicine. Therefore I do an everyday toothbrush carefully and have to prevent a cavity and a disease around teeth.

・The main chemical substance which causes reaction of a person of onset
・The thing which a symptom is given to than 90% of a person of onset Destroying pests for families, sterilization, insect repellent.
・The thing which a symptom is given to than 80% of a person of onset
I shampoo detergent for makeup such as perfume-related articles, clothes, deodorization, deodorization, fragrances, smoke of a cigarette, and it is body care articles
Fuel such as kerosene
Pens writing instruments, printed matter

"The toothbrush which disintegrates"
A development story and thought

It releases "a ecotto" toothbrush made by the country that mixed biodegradability resin with paper in 1998's first biodegradability resin.
In 2000; "EPOCH; released a product made in biodegradability resin toothbrush of poly lactic acid system as 21" series.

However, we had a weak point to be poor at heat and a shock in biodegradability resin. Therefore release performed a resinous change many times from the first and I changed it in safer resin and gave up, but the thing that a crack occurred rarely came out to a head whether it was early, and biological decomposition began than expectation with the resin which I could bear enough in a too cruel test at the time of development, and there was the situation such as saves for a long term after the safekeeping situation and the purchase of an article. Even if the resolution could finally come across the resin which resisted a shock and water comparatively late, I get impossible to use it for a toothbrush with intention of a resin maker.
If both production and sale were difficult only by appealing to consciousness for ecology in 2006, I did it in withdrawing from this article.

However, a demand for renewal release of this article was not put many times afterwards by store either; it "is a commonplace that can break it from of a consumer because is biological decomposition". I have an order when I want to buy all|all of the stock if it is release cancellation, and "release cancellation is really troubled though it is the only toothbrush which reaction does not appear" from member of a Chemical Sensitive center. Somehow or other; in a guidebook of the center; "EPOCH; 21 nature hair toothbrushes" are what seem to have been introduced as the article which reaction is hard to appear. When it was moved a heart by the desperate suit, and it was possible for a help of the that was troubled as for this moment as well as Eco now, I decided release once again.

I repeated biodegradability resin and combination and the combination rate with biomass material to be suitable for a toothbrush for these ten years by a resin maker, a resining maker, a molding company and a hair implant examination of own company with the trial product which amounted to several tens and repeated it and finally arrived at "fiber of bamboo" and this combination rate with biodegradability resin.

However, I established 2 and the industry first expiration date which said because possibility of the resolution cannot finish abandoning it in a characteristic of biological decomposition. If I think that besides I hang inconvenience about the handling and do it, but I have you understand such a background and borrow a breast of professional your company of sale and can have this article bring up together, there cannot be a so glad thing as a developer.

Chemical Sensitive support center
Member K. F. A letter from a state

A voice of monitor

CS support center
I had you send a toothbrush, a tea the other day, and thank you.
I use a toothbrush since I start a commercial thing outdoors soon for two months, but it is still stuffy and it can stop and polishes breath.
When I had it in my hand, the toothbrush which had you send it felt very gentle. I think of suffocation so that there is little it. I considered that it was made a necessary thing for us acutely above all delightfully.
Thank you very much.

I made it with bamboo fiber + poly lactic acid

・I make good use of bamboo of Shizuoka of the Mt. Fuji foot and take out bamboo fiber, and it is the domestically first product which let poly lactic acid resin "terra Mac" of Unitika which is biodegradability resin fuse.
・I assumed poly lactic acid resin a mother's body and blended bamboo fiber. It is disintegrated in carbon dioxide and water by a microbe when I bury it in soil.

It will be the bamboo which why is

・Anxiety to the drying up of oil resources
・As for the bamboo, growth is early, and height grows up to 10-20m in only two or three months.
・Bamboo does not need a pesticide so that propagative power is strong.

It is a lot of natural feelings

I use plant material for steering wheel / hair implant department.
I offer a toothbrush of feeling of natural first touch and feeling of to overflow to have you satisfy with the class of purchasing to like the one that is sensitive to chemical substance and the lifestyle that are ecology use.

The natural color that does not use a composition coloring agent
Affinity with soaps with herb of the washstand circumference is good, too, In an Asian taste and a European taste I match it.

Specifications of an article

Simple packing
・I omit waste and do it for the simple packing that put instructions and the main body of a product in an OP bag.

The industry's first "expiration date"
・To use raw materials of a natural origin with biodegradability resin / bamboo fiber; from a point in time when molded the industry's first resin I arranged "an expiration date of two years". I mention it in the back side and a package of a handle.

Two kinds of materials of hair implant department

Please choose him to preference.

Natural hair (pig hair)
I am natural and am familiar with a tooth side and do not injure tooth enamel and the gums.
I am recommended in the one that is particular about Eco and nature.

Super extra-fine hair
It is easy to be in a gap of a tooth and a tooth, a tooth lap pocket.
With the business hair which I use it and fitted, it is easy to get close more.

Various 430 yen (tax omission 410 yen)

A characteristic of natural hair

・I use only hair of a mature pig of the Chongqing product that an expert craftsman sorted out carefully.
・There is not a pain such as hard nylon while having moderate hardness.
・I cannot taste a polishing feeling to be quiet in a thing including water by a synthetic resin.
・Pig hair is worn and shortens as I use it because I am softer than tooth enamel.
・I promote the blood circulation of the gums.

Super extra-fine hair is recommended, too

・I use super extra-fine hair of Toray with reputation in PBT of high quality.
・I have lissomness such as nylon and flexibility and the prominent reconstruction characteristics while being PBT and boast of the durability as I am surprised.
・Even our company original questionary survey is resolutely than the nylon which is a flat popular high material.

The circulation to show a face

A distribution channel
Sale with a circulation channel near as possible to a consumer

A distribution channel
A mail order (a ⇒ consumer of Fine ⇒ distributor)
A retail store (a Fine ⇒ agency-like ⇒ retail store-like ⇒ consumer)
A specialty store, a natural system shop

Please inflect with people

・I have you utilize it as event and company raising Eco / environment / health in an idea and a concept-like premium goods and an article for sale.
・It is wrong to attract attention as a toothbrush of few material elsewhere, and there is not it.

A food safety level

Resin to use for a steering wheel by Japanese Industrial Standards has to pass a food safety level.
As a result of analysis examination, I passed a standard.

I bend it, and it is examined strength

Even a toothbrush of bamboo, a normal resin ruck is pursued in quality.
I bend it, and, as for the strength examination, N and enough durability have mean 17.54.

A hair stopper strength examination

I was big in higher than 8N of pass numerical value, and this the "hair stopper strength" examination cleared examination results to exceed in a dragger in the whole one loss.

Breaking occurred by a shock at the time of hair implant in hard material, and there was the thing that hair end strength was low, but I repeated a test many times, and it was it with combination rate of the bamboo fiber which had enough strength.

A mission of Fine

■I do not understand what I should have done to be concrete even if I say ecology, LOHAS.
■There are many consumers not to understand it the present environment is too natural, and what takes load.

■It is not only an environmental consideration type article to have our company which continues suggesting everyday consumer goods in the world. A feeling I feel that oneself is kept alive with nature when I lasted in a hand, and to thank importance of the earth is ... springing out. What I can change into the big power that such an each person's small thought protects the earth.
■Seemingly "a toothbrush" and "environment" "happiness / an ease / spirit / pleasure" are the keyword which is not tied, but, in fact, the connection that is close to health loads it with the message which there is, "The making of article to ask about something with the true richness"

It is a mission of Fine

Temporary; ask for cooperation of ordering.

・I will adopt a minimum build-to-order manufacturing method to prevent sharpness in a consumption time limit by overstorage.
・Because it will deliver it to the company which had you place an order with precedence beforehand, please hand amount to an attached sheet to your company business charge after entry.

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